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YM Series Office Space Total Solution

YM Series Office Space Total Solution
YM Series:
The simple design of the excellent wood is refreshing and quick. It can also boost work morale and improve work efficiency.
Based on traditional craftsmanship and natural materials.
YM series will have modern functionality and effectiveness Perfectly integrated with space aesthetics.

The YM-series includes office executive desks, office bookcases, office workstations (single, double, four persons), office conference tables and combinations of these furniture.
YM-01T# Executive Desk
YM-01T# Executive Desk
YM-01T# Executive Desk Parameters:
YM-01T2016  2000W × 1600D × 750H  4091
YM-01T2416  2400W × 1600D × 750H  4318
Bookcase Parameters:
YM-05B1918  1900W × 1800D × 1800H  3727
YM-02T# Executive Desk
YM-02T# Executive Desk
YM-02T# Executive Desk Parameters:
YM-02T2016  2000W × 1600D × 750H  3864
Bookcase Parameters:
YM-03B1220  1200W × 400D × 2000H  3045
YM-01B8020    800W × 400D × 2000H  2045
YM-03T# Executive Desk
YM-03T# Executive Desk
YM-03T# Executive Desk Parameters:
YM-03T1816  1800W × 1600D × 750H  3727
Bookcase Parameters:
YM-06B2018  2000W × 400D × 1800H  3909
YM-04T# Executive Desk
YM-04T# Executive Desk
YM-04T# Executive Desk Parameters:
YM-04T1616  1600W × 1600D × 750H  3409
YM-04T1816  1800W × 1600D × 750H  3500
Bookcase Parameters:
YM-07B2418  2400W × 400D × 1800H  4636
YM-01W# 1-person Office Workstation
YM-01W# 1-person Office Workstation
YM-01W# 1-person Office Workstation Parameters:
YM-01W1506  1560W × 600D × 850H  1818
YM-02W# 1-person Office Workstation
YM-02W# 1-person Office Workstation
YM-02W# 1-person Office Workstation Parameters:
YM-02W1206  1200W × 600D × 750H  1364
YM-03W# 1-person Office Workstation
YM-03W# 1-person Office Workstation
YM-03W# 1-person Office Workstation Parameters:
YM-03W1614  1600W × 1400D × 1050H  2727
YM-04W# Office Workstation
YM-04W# 2-person Office Workstation
YM-04W# 2-person Office Workstation Parameters:
YM-04W1212  1200W × 1200D × 1060H  2545
YM-04W# 4-person Office Workstation
YM-04W# 4-person Office Workstation Parameters:
YM-04W2412  2400W × 1200D × 1060H  4545
YM-05W# 4-person Office Workstation
YM-05W# 4-person Office Workstation
YM-05W# 4-person Office Workstation Parameters:
YM-05W2712  2760W × 1200D × 1050H  4455
YM-06W# 4-person Office Workstation
YM-06W# 4-person Office Workstation
YM-06W# 4-person Office Workstation Parameters:
YM-06W2828  2800W × 2800D × 1060H  6909
YM-01C# Conference Table
YM-01C# Conference Table
YM-01C# Conference Table Parameters:
YM-01C2411  2400W × 1100D × 750H  2636
YM-02C# Conference Table
YM-02C# Conference Table
YM-02C# Conference Table Parameters:
YM-02C3214  3200W × 1400D × 750H  5090
YM-02C3615  3600W × 1500D × 750H  5728