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What do you have to know about the MOQ?


    What do you have to know about the MOQ?

    Update Time:2020-11-11
    About YingFung Office Furniture Co., Ltd.
    Thanks for visiting our website and decided to ask us for a price!
    Y&F mainly produces office furniture, provide solutions for office furniture projects, and provide office furniture wholesalers with a wealth of product choices.
    We have requirements for the minimum order quantity.
    Why do we mark the MOQ as 5 pcs?
    Many customers purchase office furniture for supporting projects. They need to purchase different office furniture to meet the needs of the project, therefore, one model has less MOQ, but the total quantity reaches the MOQ we can accept.
    For example, the same office space needs to purchase executive desks and chairs, conference tables and chairs, file cabinets, bookcases, reception desks adn chairs, workstations, task chairs, office sofas, coffee tables, etc. 
    We can provide these buyers with one-stop procurement solutions to reduce their procurement costs.
    What is the MOQ we can accept?
    Generally speaking, at least one container, 20GP, 40GP, 45HC/HQ, etc.
    But it is not absolute. If your order is less than one cabinet, we can provide you with LCL service.
    If the total quantity is too small, it will reduce the cost performance due to the increase in transportation costs and third-party service costs.
    KT-01T2820 Executive Desk
    Executive Desk
    KT-02W2412 4-person Workstation
     4-person Workstation
    KT-01W1260 1-person workstation
    1-person Workstation
    KT-03C3614 Conference Table
    Conference Table

    Just tell me what you want, a customized product is welcome!

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