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How to identify the leather furniture you buy is good or bad


    How to identify the leather furniture you buy is good or bad

    Update Time:2019-03-02
    How to identify the leather furniture you buy is good or bad?
    Leather furniture is common in our daily life, like leather sofa, leather chair, leather cabinet and so on. However, do you really know how to identify the quality of your leather furniture?
    Leather furniture with its buttery feel, amazing durability, easy to maintain and can keep cool in the summer is known, it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular choice of furniture decoration. After a difficult choice, how to identify the leather furniture you buy is a good weight. 
    Most of leather is made from cow leather, all over the world, tanning practices are various, which is why Italy's leather is tanned, and some are red, some apricot leather leather is orange red and yellow with red leather.
    Leather is a natural material, for decoration or other reason, leather furniture usually has wrinkles, scars, creases and color changes. Besides these can represent the unique personality and attractiveness of leather, it also provides choices for those who are different.
    Leather furniture in the dyeing process of aniline is the key to decide whether it is good or bad, aniline is formed after the leather is tanned, there are two different kinds of aniline, the aniline and semi aniline.
    A hidden full aniline was carefully dyeing, makes it have the leather itself all the beauty of nature and color change mark is the intrinsic hidden. Whole grain and total aniline are two kinds of substances that are mutually exclusive. This is a strange saying that you can't have anything else. When you see any of the two items, as long as we know that it means that all the touchable goodness of leather is hiding all the color changes associated with it. 
    Instead, semi aniline leather with a thin layer of wax before dyeing. This is done to make the color more evenly absorbed, together to produce a more stable, more cold - resistant leather.
    Through the understanding of leather dyeing, you will identify the quality of leather furniture easily. As a leading furniture provider in China, we provide worldwide customers with high quality leather furniture, pls browse our product center for more.

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